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GEL Attorneys Speak at FDR Training

by | Sep 8, 2022 | Firm News

GEL attorneys Gary Gilbert, Dwight Lewis, Kevin Owen, and Alexis Tsotakas spoke at the 38th Annual FDR Training Conference that took place in August 2022. FDR Training provides in-depth training on workplace challenges and addresses regulations and best practices to resolve Equal Opportunity Employment (, Human Resources, Labor Relations, Employee Relations, Alternative Dispute Resolutions, and other legal issues in the workplace. It is considered one of the most preeminent trainings on issues concerning federal sector employment law.
Gary Gilbert and Dwight Lewis led an EEOC Mock Hearing. Mr. Gilbert also led trainings related to developments in reasonable accommodation law, general practices for litigation, and a session related to damages. Kevin Owen presented on emerging workplace issues related to COVID-19.