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Trainings & Seminars

Gilbert Training Group offers Open-Enrollment Sessions at our facility in the Washington DC area as well as On-Site trainings & Webinars, in coordination with cyberFEDS®, customized to your agency’s specific needs.

Why use us for training?

  • Experienced Faculty: Our instructors are practicing attorneys, former judges, and HR, EEO and LR professionals who can deliver real-world instruction grounded in both the latest case law as well as knowledge of the current climates of the EEOC, MSPB, FLRA and other federal agencies. All our instructors have a reputation for training excellence and have received high ratings in previous training venues, including FDR Training events.
  • Interactive Sessions: We’ve developed engaging in-person interactive sessions including proven components of an effective and lasting training experience: multi-media, real-life case law examples, factual storyboards, live Q&As and mock trials/arbitrations.
  • Powerhouse Provider: We offer hundreds of years of combined expertise serving the federal HR & EEO workspace with print and online publications, tools, resources and training including cyberFEDS®, Manager Advantage, Webinars and FDR Training.

Per CDC recommendations due to Coronavirus (COVID-19), our training events are being hosted as interactive livestreams via the Zoom for Government platform. For Fall 2022 dated programs, we will also have limited capacity at our training facility in the DMV for those that wish to attend in-person. We still have space available in the following sessions:

NEW! EEOC/MSPB Case Law Update, September 12, 2022 (1pm-4:30pm EST), Presented by Gary Gilbert, Deryn Sumner, Kevin Owen, and Renn Fowler. Registration: Fill out registration form and send via email or mail.

This comprehensive legal update will cover the latest decisions from the EEOC and MSPB and federal court cases, and highlight their impact on agency actions. We will review the current legal landscape and the most recent Commission and Board guidance on hot topics such as the impact of COVID-19, harassment claims, due process, and whistleblowing claims.

Nuts & Bolts of Disability Law and Reasonable Accommodation, October 3-6, 2022; Presented by Gary Gilbert, Deryn Sumner, Alexis Tsotakos, and Julie Rook Gold. Registration: Fill out registration form and send via email or mail.

This course walks attendees through everything they need to know about disability law: who is covered by disability laws and the different types of claims that can be raised, how agencies should respond to requests for reasonable accommodations, with a discussion of ways to effectively accommodate mental disabilities in the workplace, and how to address performance and conduct issues where the employee has requested or has a reasonable accommodation.  The course will also focus on the most often-requested accommodations, leave and telework, and what obligations agencies have and best practices for responding to those requests, when medical documentation is needed to respond to reasonable accommodation requests, fitness-for-duty examinations and direct threat analysis, and the importance of confidentiality of medical documentation.

Essential Tips for Managers: Managing Smartly and Preventing EEO Complaints, November 16, 2022 (1-4:30pm EST), Presented by Gary Gilbert, former EEOC Administrative Judge. *Additional afternoons may be added. Registration: Fill out registration form and send via email or mail.

This training covers everything a supervisor or manager needs to know to avoid complaints of discrimination, and advice about how to effectively manage a workforce when employees have filed complaints. These afternoon sessions are designed to provide an opportunity for managers and supervisors to learn about the EEO complaints process, and how to manage smartly to prevent EEO claims from being filed in the first place.  The session will also provide an overview of the EEO complaints process, including EEO counseling, alternative dispute resolution and mediation, investigations of EEO complaints filed by employees, and best practices for submitting an affidavit in an EEO investigation. Topics covered will include what workplace actions can be included in an EEO complaint, what the employee must be able to show to be successful in an EEO complaint, best practices for testifying at a hearing, and a discussion of retaliation and the types of protected activity that is considered under retaliation claims. This course will facilitate a candid conversation and the opportunity to ask questions about challenges supervisors and managers face managing employees in the federal workplace.

Diversity & Inclusion and Implicit Bias, October 25-26, 2022, Presented by Gary Gilbert, Deryn Sumner, Dwight Lewis, and Shannon Leary. Registration: Fill out registration form and send via email or mail.

Employers now more than ever need to consider how best to incorporate diversity and inclusion in workforce management. Part of this includes identifying areas where implicit bias comes into play, in order to consider and move past it. This two-day program will cover what we mean when we talk about diversity and inclusion in the workplace, the idea of inclusive diversity, and what constitutes discrimination and harassment as defined by the EEOC. The program will include hypotheticals intended to create discussion among the audience and the presenters. The session will also cover how to strengthen leadership to assist in preventing workplace discrimination and harassment claims.

Practice Before the EEOC and MSPB Taught By The Experts, November 28 – December 2, 2022, Presented by Gary Gilbert, Deryn Sumner, Dwight Lewis, Sam Vitaro, Kevin Owen, Shannon Leary, Don Names, Richard Vitaris, Renn Fowler, Julie Gold, and Alexis Tsotakos. Registration: Fill out registration form and send via email or mail.

This 5-day training will provide attendees, both new and experienced, with the invaluable insights of our experienced instructors as they demonstrate best practices to significantly increase skill and effectiveness when practicing before the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Day 1 of this course is geared towards less-experienced Employee Relations professionals and employment attorneys. It will cover the basics of preparing for an EEOC Initial Status Conference, an introductory guide to Preliminary Motions and Case Assessments, and the basics of Practicing Before the MSPB. Days 2-5 are a deep dive on substantive law and the nuts & bolts of federal administrative employment law practice.  Our instructors will walk attendees through practical tips on how to effectively present witness testimony, how to manage performance for employees with disabilities, including issues related to telework, how to file effective dispositive motions, and how to value a case using available remedies and settlement tactics. Attendees will walk away from this course with a more thorough understanding of discovery before the Board and Commission, whistleblower and sexual harassment litigation, mixed cases and appeals, mediation and settlement negotiations, and due process issues. This training will also feature relevant case law updates and several panel discussions, including a Judges Roundtable, a Hot Topic Q&A, and a discussion of how COVID-19 affects EEOC/MSPB practice.

We have a one-of-a-kind faculty, including practicing attorneys and HR and LR professionals who can deliver real-world instruction grounded in both the latest case law as well as knowledge of the current climates of the MSPB, FLRA and other federal agencies. Attendees have the opportunity to earn CLE credits.

In addition, we are available to provide virtual training customized to your agency’s specific needs. Please check out our website and feel free to forward this email to anyone you think may be interested in our offerings.

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