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Helping Clients Seek Disability Retirement And Other Retirement Benefits

Federal employment retirement benefits are designed to provide individuals with a financial safeguard once they reach retirement age. However, unexpected circumstances may force you to consider dipping into your retirement plan early.

If you are a federal employee with a medical condition threatening your ability to perform your job, turn to Gilbert Employment Law, P.C.. Since 2005, we have served as strong advocates for federal workers throughout the country. Our Washington, D.C., attorneys have the extensive experience necessary to help you navigate through the challenges of applying for an early “disability” retirement.

Step One: Developing A Convincing Application

Our federal-sector employment law attorneys help clients pursue disability retirement with the Office of Personnel Management (OPM). We will evaluate your case and advise you on the right steps to take to prove that a medical condition has threatened your ability to do your job.

Part of our work includes helping you develop an effective application, complete with medical testimony from your doctor and a statement from you. Often, we will work directly with your health care providers to ensure that the right medical support is provided. We understand what information needs to be presented to show the OPM that you deserve disability retirement and that you cannot be, or were not, accommodated on the job.

Step Two: Requesting Reconsideration Of A Denied Claim, If Necessary

We are also advocates at the reconsideration stage for federal employees denied disability retirement. Our federal-sector employment law attorneys can carefully evaluate the circumstances behind your denial and determine what additional information needs to be provided to ensure your disability retirement application is granted. We can also work with your medical doctors to obtain additional documentation of your medical condition if that is what’s needed.

Step Three: Appeal To The MSPB

If your claim is denied by OPM at the reconsideration stage, you have the right to pursue an appeal with the Merit Systems Protection Board (MSPB). Our legal team can take timely action to pursue your appeal and continue to advocate for the benefits you need. We know the type of evidence required to support your claim and are skilled at MSPB hearings.

Representing Law Enforcement Personnel: Law Enforcement “Early” Retirement

If you are in law enforcement, you have the option to pursue early retirement after 20 years of service. However, obtaining an early retirement through the OPM can still be a challenge. Denials of this early retirement can entitle you to an MSPB appeal.

Other Retirement Issues

There are a variety of other retirement issues federal employees may face. Under certain circumstances, such as removal for poor performance or forced relocation of your job, you may be entitled to an early “discontinued service retirement,” depending upon your age and years in service. In other situations, OPM may not give you appropriate service credit for some aspects of your employment. In each of these situations, you need experienced attorneys to help you understand and protect your rights.

Trust our law firm to help secure your rights. We know how to develop strong claims showing that the work you performed fits the definition of law enforcement duties. If your claim is denied, our work is not over. We will not hesitate to pursue an appeal with the MSPB.

If you have questions about pursuing early retirement or disability benefits, contact us online or call our lawyers at 888-676-8096.