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Partner, Shannon Leary, Quoted in Bloomberg Law

by | Aug 18, 2022 | Firm News

Partner Shannon Leary, Esq. was featured in a news story by Bloomberg Law regarding her representation of a Client who prevailed in his sex and sexual orientation discrimination claims against the Catholic Relief Services (CRS). On August 3, 2022, Judge Catherine Blake ruled in favor of GEL Client, John Doe, finding that his employer, CRS, discriminated against him when it denied health benefits to his husband because CRS did not provide health benefits to same-sex spouses. Ms. Leary discusses the importance of protecting LGBTQ+ rights and preserving the dignity of all marginalized peoples in the workplace. She said, “Someone’s gender or whom they love has no place in employment decisions. By denying health coverage to our client’s spouse, Catholic Relief Services blatantly violated their civil rights. We hope this decision serves as a warning to employers who treat their employees with anything less than the dignity they deserve.” To read the article, click here. Other news outlets have covered the decision including the Advocate, Law360, NPR, and the Baltimore Sun.

For more information about Ms. Leary’s work protecting LGBTQ+ rights in the work place, click here.