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We Know Federal Employment Law. We Wrote The Book.

Gilbert Employment Law, P.C. is a recognized leader in the arena of federal employment law. We represent U.S. government employees in Washington, D.C., throughout the United States and internationally.

If you are a federal agency employee, we are equipped to advocate for you in all facets of your job and all phases of your career. Arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced lawyers.

Our Federal Employment Law Practice

Discrimination In Federal Employment (EEOC) – We represent federal employees in formal complaints, alternative dispute resolution (ADR) and Equal Employment Opportunity Commission hearings relating to:

Disciplinary And Adverse Actions (MSPB) – Are you in jeopardy of being suspended, demoted, transferred or terminated? We represent federal workers in:

Federal Whistleblower Retaliation (OSC) – We represent whistleblowers in Office of Special Counsel claims for reprisal such as demotion, harassment or wrongful termination after exposing fraud, securities violations or other wrongdoing. We also counsel whistleblowers in qui tam actions.

Disability And Accommodations – We represent federal employees with physical or mental disabilities in actions for discriminatory treatment or failure to make reasonable accommodations.

Federal Security Clearance – Obtaining and maintaining a security clearance is critical to many federal agency and defense contractor jobs. We can intervene if your security clearance is denied, downgraded or revoked, and represent you in any related disciplinary proceedings.

Federal Employee Retirement – If circumstances force you to take early disability retirement, we can help you navigate the Office of Personnel Management (OPM) application or reconsideration process, or MSPB appeals. We handle other retirement issues, such as discontinued service retirement.

Veterans In Federal Government Jobs – We uphold the rights of U.S. military veterans in employment, including violations of the Veterans Employment Opportunities Act or other discrimination based on military service.

Labor Law And Labor Relations – We advocate for federal employee unions and individuals in collective bargaining, labor grievances, union elections, negotiability appeals and related labor matters. We also defend unions and union members against unfair labor practices in hearings and mediations before the applicable bodies.

Nationally And Internationally Known Authorities

Our attorneys authored the Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide, Compensatory Damages and Other Remedies and other texts. These publications are relied upon not only by federal workers but agencies, lawyers and judges in the field. We represent federal employees nationwide and internationally.

Federal employment law is what we know and what we do. Contact us today toll-free at 888-676-8096 to discover how we can protect your rights and advocate for you.