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Working To Eliminate Sexual Harassment

Sexual harassment, a form of sex discrimination, is described by the courts in two ways. The first is when the sexual harassment was perpetrated by a supervisor and a “tangible employment action” occurred. The second is when a supervisor or co-workers create a “hostile work environment” by their deeds or actions without taking a tangible employment action.

No matter which situation you experienced, your ability to work effectively, enjoy a positive environment and have a successful career were negatively affected in a significant way.

At Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., our team of lawyers offers powerful advocacy to employees like you who have been affected by harassment and discrimination. Whether you are on the East Coast or West Coast, somewhere in-between or stationed overseas, you can rely on our law firm for the extensive legal experience and personal service you seek.

Harassment Involving A Tangible Employment Action By A Supervisor

An employer, including a federal agency, is usually strictly liable for the sexual harassment by a supervisor where a “tangible employment action” occurs. A tangible employment action can involve acts such as a disciplinary action, or a decision affecting your pay, leave, promotion or training.

If you find yourself in such a situation, call on us for immediate help. We can advise you on the proper steps to stop this harassment, protect your job and seek compensation for the harm you have suffered. You need a strong advocate fighting for your rights and we at Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., are that advocate.

Alleviating A Hostile Work Environment

When ongoing sexual advances, sexual comments or behavior by a supervisor (or a co-worker, client or vendor) makes it difficult for you to perform your job duties or destroys your right to work in a safe professional environment, you can take legal action.

At Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., we can act on your behalf to put an end to harassing behavior such as inappropriate touching, comments, images or emails in the workplace. No matter your gender or the gender of the person harassing you, our lawyers can aggressively advocate for you.

Seeking Both Relief And Monetary Compensation

We know that in cases of workplace sexual harassment, the most urgent concern is making it stop. Beyond putting an end to these destructive behaviors, however, we can also pursue equitable relief and monetary awards for job consequences, emotional suffering and pain. A harassment-free workplace is your right! Let our attorneys help you protect that right.

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