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Connecting Workers With Essential Disability Accommodations

Living with a disability does not automatically mean that you can no longer have a fulfilling career. However, it might not be possible or comfortable to keep working in the same way that you did before. Sometimes, a few simple adjustments can allow you to be just as productive, therefore minimizing the potential impact of a health condition on your finances and future.

At Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., we have experience advocating for your right to reasonable accommodations for a disability. We have the skills to analyze the full scope of adjustments that would be fair, and we will pursue them for you.

Get The Workarounds You Need To Protect Your Job

Some examples of reasonable accommodations at work include:

  • Allowing flexible work schedules or remote work
  • Shifting work responsibilities
  • Providing assistive technology, ramps, parking spaces, accessible restrooms and other forms of adaptive equipment
  • Assigning an interpreter

The reasonableness of a request depends on your ability level and the nature of the work. For example, an accommodation for one employee might not be necessary for another employee if they have different capacities for work.

In other cases, a request might be too restrictive or costly for the employer. If so, you may explore other alternatives such as early retirement for federal employees. However, federal employers might reject a reasonable request.

Our attorneys at [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-3″] have experience navigating disability benefits across the spectrum of federal work. For your initial request and any conflicts that arise afterward, you can trust us to advocate for the customized accommodations you need to succeed.

Learn How We Can Help Ease Your Stress

Asking for an accommodation can be intimidating, but it can be a fair way to protect yourself against discrimination at work. Do not assume that employers always act according to the law. Our own case record shows that federal employers can be just as fallible as private employers. Speak to a lawyer to get accurate, personalized advice.

If your employer refused to accommodate you, or it rescinded an existing accommodation, we can protect your rights. Call 888-676-8096 or send an email to our team for a consultation.