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Protecting Workers’ Rights

Our team of attorneys came together when the attorneys and staff of Passman and Kaplan, which was founded in 1990, came to work with Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., after the passing of Joseph Kaplan in 2020. We honor the legacy of insight, knowledge and contributions of the late attorney Joseph Kaplan that still benefit our clients.

In his words, “What happens to a person on the job affects his or her entire life. Almost everything a person enjoys in life is somehow related back to his or her job: health insurance, the ability to pay rent or the mortgage, the ability to send your child to college, a new car, [and] plans for retirement. Without the job, no one has the resources to pay for all that. Protecting the job is vitally important.”

An Employment Law Legacy, Alive And Vibrant

As recognized leaders in the field, Passman & Kaplan literally wrote the book on Federal Employment law. The Federal Employees Legal Survival Guide,” now in its third edition, is considered a comprehensive resource for employees and lawyers alike.

We are honored to carry on the breadth of this firm’s legacy in the work we do every day. Contact our firm or call 888-676-8096 for assistance with all employment-related legal issues.