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Skilled Assistance With Labor Law And Unfair Labor Practices

The attorneys of Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., represent federal-sector unionized workers, labor organizations and their representatives in a wide range of federal labor law cases.

From our offices across the nation, our federal labor law attorneys provide knowledgeable counsel about the rights and responsibilities of federal labor unions and their members. We handle collective bargaining, labor disputes, disciplinary hearings and other labor law issues in negotiation, mediation, arbitration and court.

Providing Trustworthy Legal Counsel To Unions And Union Members

Our lawyers primarily focus our federal labor law practice on building and maintaining healthy relationships between unions, employees and employers. This entails assisting our union clients with issues such as:

  • Collective bargaining and impasse resolution
  • Filing grievances, grievance arbitration and settlement negotiations
  • Negotiability appeals
  • Union elections
  • Training and legal compliance

Our decades of experience in these cases have helped us earn both local and nationwide recognition. Our mission is to ensure that the rights of unionized workers are respected and protected. Whether it is at the bargaining table or at an arbitration hearing, we have the knowledge and experience you and your union need to make your workplace a better place.

Offering A Strong Defense Against Unfair Labor Practices

At Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., we can take an active role in representing unions and union members in unfair labor practice (ULP) charges when those charges are necessary. We work with union members who are federal or employees, and we understand the processes unique to each sector. We are known for our zealous protection of union rights in hearings before the:

  • Federal Labor Relations Authority (FLRA)
  • Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service (FMCS)
  • Federal Service Impasses Panel (FSIP)
  • Public Employee Relations Board (PERB) for D.C. government employees

We also handle bargaining impasses before the Federal Mediation and Conciliation Service and the Federal Service Impasses Panel. We can also provide training to union officers and stewards tailor-made to your needs.

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If you would like to learn more about our federal labor law practice or if you have questions about the other ways in which we represent federal civil service employees, call our office at 888-676-8096 or email our firm.