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GEL Client Prevails on Discrimination Claims Before EEOC

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Case Results

On January 25, 2022,  Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (“EEOC”) Administrative Judge Russell Parker issued interim decision in favor of Gilbert Employment Law, P.C. client Katreese Queen, finding that the United States Postal Service, subjected Ms. Queen, to discrimination based on her sex and retaliation based on her engagement in prior EEO activity.

In her complaint, Ms. Queen alleged that after reporting sexual harassment by a supervisor she was subsequently not selected for two management positions. She later raised her concerns about the harassment in a meeting with other employees. After the hearing, the Administrative Judge found that the Agency did not select Ms. Queen for two positions based on sex and in retaliation for her prior protected EEO activity.  A decision regarding damages is forthcoming.

Maya Jefferson, and Thomas J. Gagliardo represented Ms. Queen are thankful for the opportunity to support this courageous employee in standing up for herself and asserting her rights.

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