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Home 9 Federal Employees Survival Guide, 3rd Edition Table of Contents

Federal Employees Survival Guide, 3rd Edition Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Appointment In The Federal Civil Service And Suitability For Federal Employment

Chapter 2: Performance Appraisals

Chapter 3: Performance-Related Discipline

Chapter 4: Misconduct: Adverse Actions And Discipline

Chapter 5: Discrimination: What It Is And How To Prove It

Chapter 6: Discrimination: The Complaint Process

Chapter 7: Whistleblowing And Prohibited Personnel Practices

Chapter 8: Unions And Collective Bargaining

Chapter 9: Reductions-In-Force And Furloughs

Chapter 10: Security Clearances And “Sensitive” Positions

Chapter 11: Overtime And Other Special Pay

Chapter 12: Classification Appeals

Chapter 13: Promotions And Within-Grade Increases

Chapter 14: Leave Issues

Chapter 15: Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 16: Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

Chapter 17: Unemployment Compensation

Chapter 18: Retirement

Chapter 19: Veterans’ Rights

Chapter 20: Ethics In Government

Chapter 21: Constitutional Rights

Chapter 22: Information And Privacy

Chapter 23: The Hatch Act: Prohibited Political Activities

Chapter 24: Personal Liability

Chapter 25: Postal Service Employee Rights

Chapter 26: Congressional And Presidential Employees’ Rights

Chapter 27: Waivers Of Overpayment And Financial Claims Against The Government

Chapter 28: Miscellaneous

Chapter 29: Special Categories

Chapter 30: Internet Research

Chapter 31: How To Find A Lawyer

Chapter 32: Resolving Disputes Through Settlement

Chapter 33: How To Prepare For An Administrative Hearing