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Federal Employees Survival Guide, 3rd Edition Table of Contents

Chapter 1   Appointment In The Federal Civil Service And Suitability For Federal Employment

Chapter 2   Performance Appraisals

Chapter 3   Performance-Related Discipline

Chapter 4   Misconduct: Adverse Actions And Discipline

Chapter 5   Discrimination: What It Is And How To Prove It

Chapter 6   Discrimination: The Complaint Process

Chapter 7   Whistleblowing And Prohibited Personnel Practices

Chapter 8  Unions And Collective Bargaining

Chapter 9   Reductions-In-Force And Furloughs

Chapter 10  Security Clearances And “Sensitive” Positions

Chapter 11   Overtime And Other Special Pay

Chapter 12   Classification Appeals

Chapter 13   Promotions And Within-Grade Increases

Chapter 14   Leave Issues

Chapter 15  Workers’ Compensation

Chapter 16   Federal Employees Health Benefits Program

Chapter 17  Unemployment Compensation

Chapter 18  Retirement

Chapter 19  Veterans’ Rights

Chapter 20   Ethics In Government

Chapter 21  Constitutional Rights

Chapter 22   Information And Privacy

Chapter 23  The Hatch Act: Prohibited Political Activities

Chapter 24   Personal Liability

Chapter 25   Postal Service Employee Rights

Chapter 26   Congressional And Presidential Employees’ Rights

Chapter 27  Waivers Of Overpayment And Financial Claims Against The Government

Chapter 28   Miscellaneous

Chapter 29   Special Categories

Chapter 30  Internet Research

Chapter 31   How To Find A Lawyer

Chapter 32   Resolving Disputes Through Settlement

Chapter 33   How To Prepare For An Administrative Hearing