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Silver Spring Maryland Employment Discrimination Blog

Federal agencies are engaging in legal age discrimination

You should never receive anything less than full consideration for a position because of your age. Yet some federal organizations use tactics to push out older employees. Still protected under law, these companies offer benefits of leaving the business early or call out small performance issues. Doing so, they legally lower their employee age demographic.

Before accusing your company, you must ensure that your situation constitutes age discrimination. Your reputation in your company risks being tarnished if your claims cannot be not backed up by the EEOC. Unverified legal allegations against your business may damage your career. As a result, you could be viewed as an employee looking for a payout.

Who is exempt from overtime laws in Maryland?

Overtime laws are in place in the state of Maryland so that workers are protected financially if they are required to work an excessive amount of hours. Employers have the legal responsibility to make sure that all their workers are being paid the appropriate minimum wage, and that they get reimbursed for overtime hours that they work.

Overtime laws can be confusing; therefore, as a worker it is important that you educate yourself on what overtime you are entitled to, and so that you can take action if you have been underpaid by your employer.

Maryland prepares new law on sexual harassment reporting

The United States and several state governments have made it a priority to end sexual harassment in the workplaces under their jurisdiction. Although much progress has been made in the last few decades, a recent worldwide reckoning on gender discrimination has sped the course of these shifts.

Maryland's governor recently signed a law called the Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018. When it takes effect in October, it will fight sexual harassment by holding employers in the Old Line State to two new standards.

Your working rights during your pregnancy

Pregnancy is an important time for any woman. If it is the first time you have been pregnant, you will be making the life-changing transition to becoming a mother. With that comes making all types of preparations, both practical and emotional.

Given that this is a transitional time for expecting mothers, all pregnant women will hope that their working life will be largely unaffected by their temporary condition. Many women are able to work as normal until very close to their due date However, other women suffer from pregnancy-related health problems that require them to take medical leave from their work. Regardless of the situation, no woman should ever have to suffer from workplace discrimination as a result of a pregnancy.

Your rights as a disabled person in the hiring process

When applying for a job, all applicants have the right to an application process that is free from discrimination. It is a known fact that disabled people often do not benefit from the same employment opportunities as non-disabled job applicants. Therefore, many laws are in place to try to mitigate these barriers to equality.

As a disabled person that is looking for a job in Maryland, it is important that you are aware of the rights that you have so that you are able to take action if you believe that any of these rights have been violated.

Is tip pooling legal in Maryland?

Tip pooling is a bit controversial. Essentially, it is the process of taking all of the tips earned by the waitstaff, putting them into a pool and the dividing them out between the workers.

Some companies do this because it means waiters and waitresses can quickly provide service to anyone who needs it. They don't have to focus specifically on one customer at the expense of another. Customers and employers tend to like it.

New Maryland law targets sexual harassment

A new law was recently signed by Governor Hogan to help combat sexual harassment in the workplace. The Disclosing Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Act of 2018 places new requirements on employee agreements and reporting to help put an end to sexual harassment in the workplace.

The law takes effect in October, but already has many employers scrambling to comply. When it is fully in force, there will be new tools available for many workers who have been the victims of sexual harassment in Maryland.

Protections from workplace discrimination as a disabled person

As a person with disabilities, you may often feel worried about highlighting your personal needs in the workplace. It's probable that you do not enjoy drawing attention to how your disabilities alter your working environment, and the fact that you need adjustments made so that your working experience is a comfortable one. However, it is important to know that being provided with reasonable accommodations in the workplace is your legal right as a disabled person in the workplace.

The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) was formed in 1990, and was designed to prevent the discrimination of disabled people in the workplace, provide them with legal grounds to make a claim if they do experience discrimination and give them the legal right to reasonable accommodations in the workplace.

What is an “adverse action?”

Federal and state laws protect workers from retaliation if they file a complaint or become a whistleblower. Far too often, however, workers who assert their rights are retaliated against.

It’s important to not only know your rights, but to know the legal terms for when and how they are being violated. One of the most important is the term “adverse action.” If you have filed a complaint with your employer, especially if it is the federal government, you should know what actions they cannot take against you.

Subtle gender discrimination in the workplace

Although there are many laws in place with a goal to prevent discrimination in the workplace in the United States, the sad fact is that gender discrimination still occurs, both in subtle and nonsubtle ways. Sometimes, it is acts of microaggressions that create a negative atmosphere in the workplace, and these are what need to be challenged from a legal perspective if real change is to be made.

Many people that are recipients of microaggressions and subtle acts of discrimination in the workplace may not want to take action for fear of being perceived as overreacting. However, the law provides protection from the more subtle types of gender discrimination, and it is important that victims feel empowered to stand up for their rights in this regard.

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