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Representing Victims Of Workplace Sexual Harassment

At Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., our team has extensive experience working with victims of sexual harassment. We understand that facing sexual harassment in the workplace is a harrowing experience, and that making the decision to confront it can be frightening. Threats of retaliation from supervisors or unsupportive coworkers lead many victims of sexual harassment to experience feelings of self-doubt, blaming themselves or questioning their own actions.

We are sensitive to these circumstances, and our team of seasoned attorneys is ready to put years of practice representing victims of sexual harassment to work on your behalf. We will give you the resources and support you need to stand up and fight back. You are not alone, put us on your side today.

Gilbert Employment Law, P.C.

In many situations, it is not immediately obvious that an inappropriate action constitutes sexual harassment. Some examples of workplace sexual harassment may include:

  • Any comments on appearance
  • Intrusive questions about personal life, especially romantic life
  • The use of “dear,” “sweetie” or other misogynistic or paternalistic languages

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