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Mr. Renn C. Fowler is Of Counsel with Gilbert Employment Law. Mr. Fowler specializes in federal government employment law, MSPB and EEOC. He represents agencies, employees, and provides lectures regarding employment law.

Mr. Fowler writes extensively on employment law and has coauthored the following books published by Dewey Publications, Inc.: MSPB Charges and Penalties, A Charging Manual (now in 9th edition); Adverse Actions and Performance Actions, Process, Law and Cases, Guidance, and Pitfalls; The Art of Advocacy: What to Do and How to Do It Before the Board and Arbitrators; Litigating Federal Sector Employment and Labor Law Disputes; A Guide to the Whistleblower Protection Act and Whistleblower Protection Enhancement Act (now in 2nd edition); EEO Discovery Forms for Representatives; Drafting Disciplinary Charges; Due Process in Adverse and Performance-Based Actions (now in 2nd edition); Reduction in Force: A Practical Guide; and Agency Advocacy Before MSPB and EEOC.

Mr. Fowler has served as a director for Federal Employment Law Training Group (FELTG), the Federal Training Foundation, the Government Training Foundation, and the Academy of Personnel Law and Public Administration.

Mr. Fowler was formerly with the General Counsel’s Office of GSA, serving in various positions, including Regional Counsel in San Francisco and Washington, DC. Mr. Fowler is a member of the District of Columbia and Maryland Bars. He graduated from the University of Maryland and The George Washington University Law School.

  • Merit Systems Protection Board
  • Federal Sector Employment Discrimination
  • Maryland
  • District of Columbia
  • George Washington University National Law Center, Washington, District of Columbia
  • University of Maryland