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How to spot if you are being discriminated against in the office

by | Nov 10, 2017 | Discrimination

Just because you work in a federal office doesn’t mean you will be free from workplace discrimination. There are still discrimination issues that arise in federal places of employment. You need to know how to spot these issues so you can take proper legal action against those causing the discrimination in Silver Spring.

The most common sign of workplace discrimination is harassment. Harassment against you can come from management and even your own co-workers. It can also come from visitors to your place of employment. Harassment typically involves people making comments against race, religion and gender. The harassment is done to make employees feel uncomfortable in their situation.

One of the most subtle forms of discrimination in the workplace occurs when preferential treatment is routinely given to a specific employee or a group of employees. This can occur in both favorable and unfavorable situations. For example, the failure to discipline one employee for constantly being late, but turning around and disciplining another employee who is of a different race.

Discrimination in the workplace also commonly occurs with promotions. All promotions of employees should be done based on the merits and track record of the employee and nothing else. When a set group of employees is always promoted over another this might be considered discrimination.

The allocation of duties can also fall under discrimination depending on how they are allocated by management. If certain duties are reserved for people of a specific race, it is more than likely not a coincidence.

Have you been discriminated against at work in Maryland? An experienced employment discrimination attorney can help you understand the case, know what to expect and prepare for possible court appearances.