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How to recognize signs of discrimination in the workplace

by | Jul 29, 2016 | Discrimination

Discrimination in the workplace is something no employee should have to go through. But unfortunately, it is quite common in American workplaces.

It is not always easy to identify discrimination at work. There are many variations of discrimination – some that may not be so obvious.

So what are some signs of workplace discrimination? Here are some questions to ask that may indicate a problem:

  • Are certain employees treated differently because of their ethnicity, national origin, sexual orientation, age, etc.?
  • Is the employer assigning different duties to employees of a certain ethnicity, race, national origin, gender, etc.?
  • Is the employer failing to correct a situation between employees that is discriminatory in nature?
  • Did the employer ask inappropriate interview questions that may have been demeaning or discriminatory in nature?
  • Did the employer take adverse action against an employee for reporting discrimination?

Is discrimination happening in your workplace? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, it is worth looking into the issue.

Often, employees are reluctant to take action and speak out. Many fear retaliation by the employer.

It is important to remember that the law protects employees who are experiencing discrimination. The law also protects whistleblowers who speak out against discriminatory acts by their employers.

Talking to an employment law attorney is advisable in situations where discrimination is suspected.

If you are a federal employee who is experiencing discrimination at work, talk to an attorney from [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-6″] & [nap_names id=”FIRM-NAME-4″], P.C. Call our office in Washington, D.C., at 888-676-8096.