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News on Security Clearances: Furloughs and Security Clearances

by | Mar 11, 2013 | News On Security Clearances

News on Security Clearances:  As recently reported in the Washington Post, in preparation for possible civilian furloughs in connection with the present federal budget, elements of both the Department of the Navy and the Department of the Air Force have issued guidance to affected employees on how to avoid problems with their security clearances from the financial effects of furloughs.

In deciding whether to grant or renew a security clearance, federal background investigators look for problems falling within 13 adjudicative guidelines specified in Department of Defense policy.  Guideline F is “Financial Considerations”, which incudes problems associated with employees facing financial hardship–such as from reduced salary due to unpaid federal furlough days.  The Navy guidance explains that affected employees should continue to notify their appropriate security office if issues occur.  The Navy also noted that background investigators do take into account the causes for financial difficulty, especially where the financial difficulty is temporary and is caused by factors outside of the employee’s control (such as would be the case with a furlough).

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