Litigation Attorneys Representing Private-Sector Employees In Court

Fortunately, most employment disputes over harassment, discrimination and wage claims are handled through skillful negotiations and other alternative measures other than trial. Sometimes, however, civil litigation through trial becomes necessary. If you are a private-sector worker and have face discrimination or a violation of your wage and hour rights, you have the right to pursue justice through the courts.

We will work hard to make sure you never feel intimidated or overwhelmed by your case. Our lawyers and staff will keep you fully informed with the knowledge you need about settling your case or going to trial.

In any employment matter you bring to Gilbert Employment Law, P.C., you will remain in control of decisions about settling your case or moving ahead to court. If trial becomes necessary, you will have a team of experienced, successful trial attorneys on your side, presenting the strongest case possible to win in front of judge and jury.

Our successful case record in private-sector employment litigation cases includes:

  • Cases involving discriminatory practices, including based on sex, race, age and sexual preference
  • Litigation related to adverse actions taken against private-sector employees for reporting employer violations of federal civil rights laws
  • Successful appeals of decisions made by judges and juries
  • Cases involving affirmative action and government contracts

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