Helping Federal Employees Fight Adverse Actions

Federal employees have rights when they are proposed for suspension, removal or other adverse actions.

Our Lawyers Give You The Respect You Deserve

Gilbert Employment Law, P.C. has a record of successfully representing federal employees in response to proposed and effectuated disciplinary actions.

From the first meeting until the final outcome of your case, you can count on clear communication, honest answers, and respect. We are experienced advocates here to help you protect your rights and your dignity.

We will review your circumstances and give you an honest assessment of your legal options in matters related to:

  • Demotion to a lower grade
  • Termination from federal employment

Some examples of retaliatory adverse actions may include:

  • Reassignment from a position to which you have been hired or promoted
  • Demotion to a position reserved for workers beneath your federal grade status
  • Termination from federal employment
  • Revocation of a federal security clearance

Protecting Federal Workers In The United States And Across The World

As an individual employee, you may not feel you have a strong case to fight back against the federal government. Let us be your voice. Wherever you work as a federal employee, we are ready to help. We represent federal employees nation- and worldwide. From our offices in Silver Spring, Maryland, and Las Vegas, Nevada, we are ready to vigorously protect your rights against adverse actions you face.

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