VA Whistleblower Testifies Before Congress

Gilbert Employment Law represents Dr. Minu Aghevli in her claims of whistleblower retaliation against the Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA). On June 25, 2019, Dr. Aghevli, who is the Coordinator for the Opioid Agonist Treatment Program at the Baltimore VA Medical Center, testified before the House Committee on Veterans Affairs Subcommittee on Oversight and Investigation about the whistleblower retaliation which the VA subjected her to she after she reported institutional efforts to artificially reduce waitlist numbers. Her testimony, and the retaliation she has faced since making disclosures, was the subject of a recent article in USA Today found here. Just days after the publication of the USA Today Article and one day before she was scheduled to testify before the House Committee, the VA proposed Dr. Aghevli's removal. Additional press coverage about Dr. Aghevli can be found here and her hearing testimony here.